Born in Denmark and raised in Switzerland and Alaska, Valentina began her infatuation with the macabre, Bela Lugosi and monsters when she was  around 12.

At the age of 13, she attracted a Poltergeist, which made her realize something not of this world was going on and started her interest in the paranormal.

By the age of 23, she suffered a Severe Traumatic Brain Injury from a fall unto concrete, leaving her nearly comatose and dying.  The result of that left her with highly sensitive PSYCHIC GIFTS. Little did she know from that day forward she would be able to sense, feel, see and talk to spirits.

A few years later, she was electrocuted. The electricity stayed in her body for 3 hours, until accidentally touching a computer made some of the electricity leave her body and shoot out leaving a scorched mark on her back!
That brought on MORE psychic abilities, making her harbour electric energy inside her body, becoming a perfect source for spirits and ghosts to speak and manifest through.

Valentina also has an extensive background in FORENSICS and incorporates that into her Paranormal Investigations thinking logically before jumping to conclusions.

Valentina has investigated many top haunted locations, sometimes being called in on private cases in problematic homes. 

​She currently lives in Los Angeles and continues her love for the Paranormal, setting out to prove that there IS life AFTER death.
All Valentina's investigations are conducted with the highest standards of professionalism and integrity, all information is kept private.


CURRENTLY, she is writing a Paranormal book based on all her investigations, and producing her own television series which is currently been shopped to the major networks, and a regular writer for HAUNTED DIGITAL MAGAZINE out of the U.K.